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Jazz Maui Presents
Jazz at the Empanada Lady

Saturdays 6:30 PM

Dinner Reservations required
2119 W Vineyard

Donations benefit Arts Education for Children Group music education program – PayPal info@aecg.org

Jazz Maui and Maui KU’IA Chocolate


Sunset Jazz
Chocolate Tasting

“An ultimate tasting experience”

Friday November 20,  5PM -7PM

Rooftop Pavillion Maui KU’IA Chocolate Factory

Chocolate tasting, Food, Music, breathtaking views, bring your own beverage

Limited to  30 People 


Event Features

Maui KU’IA Chocolate Tasting  

Chef Paris Nabavi -  Chicken Mole Taco with cilantro and fesco cheese

Bring your own beverage 

Download the Chocolate and Beverage Pairing List

Music – Phil Smith Trio

Phil Smith – Sax and woodwinds, Brian Cuomo – Keyboards,
Jesse Smith – Drums

Event will be live streamed 

Chocolate Laulima – Arts Education for Children Group / Jazz Maui
Chocolate purchases benefit AECG / Jazz Maui charity



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